As Michael Oliver would say:

Perhaps your answer might be something like, “Make money” or “To
make a profit” or “To be fulfilled”.

Or, perhaps your answer was, “To help others” or “To help people
solve their

The reason we ask the question “What is the Purpose of a
business?” because your answer reveals something that is vitally
important and can become a constant awareness for you…
your words give you away!!

To paraphrase an ancient saying…

“Your words are an extension of your thoughts
Your actions are an extension of your words
And your habits are an extension of your actions”

What you receive in life, and the way people respond to you, is
based on your words, your actions and your habits. And it all
starts where? With a thought!

Everything starts with a thought. That’s why thoughts are so
powerful. That’s why choosing how you think and act will
determine how life and people respond to you

So back to the original question about the purpose of your
business! The questions you have to ask yourself then, is, are
you really in business for you, (Personal Agenda) or are you in
it for other people (Purpose)? The truth is in the following

If your solution cannot solve someone’s problem, is there any
reason for them to do business with you?

No, there isn’t! So the real purpose of a business then is not
about you and what you want, it’s to help other people solve
their problems, or get what they want, need or desire.

If the purpose of a business is to help other people solve their
problems, you could say that selling is merely a Problem Solving
Exercise. It’s not a telling or persuading exercise. It’s all to
do with problem solving.

You could call yourself a PROBLEM SOLVER! With problems come
opportunities. The opportunity for you is to help others get what
they want and to be rewarded for it.

Best Wishes to my Network Marketing Friends,

Tom Boyuka 607-343-9161 Anytime

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Use a Dialog/Conversion Framework for MLM Success

Michael Oliver’s Natural Selling Approach teaches us that manipulative questioning
technique might work initially but while it’s possible to temporarily motivate people to do
something, there is a very interesting phenomenon that takes
place. After a short while they stop being motivated and stop
doing what they agreed to do.

This behavior is called passive aggression or buyer’s remorse.
You can see the effect of this when customers stop buying from
you, or people drop out from your organization. This is usually
because they came on board for your reasons,
not theirs. This is the number one cause of the high customer
and team attrition rate.

The Natural Selling Approach uses a “Dialogue/Conversation
Framework”* that explains what the types of questions are and
when to use them to help you and the person you are talking with
see clearly:

1. Whether they have the type of problems that your solution can
help them solve

2. If they do, the depth of those problems.

3. Whether there is enough desire for them to want to do

Questions help people open their minds. Questions involve
people. They allow people to think about their present
situation, themselves and their problems.

Helping People Inspire Themselves to Change

The Natural Selling Approach is not about you persuading them,
it’s about allowing people to persuade themselves as they come to
see what is right for them.

This is how it works.

As people respond to your questions they also listen to
themselves. They;

1. Internalize what they say
2. Feel the discomfort of their present circumstances (and if
things are not working as well as they would like)
3. Decide to make a change.

Their answers help them think about their problems and to own the
idea that they want to change if their problems and internal
motivation is great enough.

It gives meaning to the saying “When I say it, they can doubt me.
When they say it, it’s true.”

The degree a person will change depends on two things;

1. The degree of discomfort they feel in the present moment as
they talk about their present circumstances, and their

2. Degree of their desire to move toward their dream

Best wishes to my Online Marketing friends,

Tom Boyuka
607-343-9161 tom@tomboyuka.com

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Your Legal Resposibility “Goodies”

Before you get all worked up because your Uncle Miltie or great Aunt Sarah has just told you about a new fantastic business opportunity that will make you gadzillions of buckeroos….STOP and think this through.
Let’s examine this miraculous opportunity to see if it is really worthwhile. Where do we start? Before we look at the super products or the revolutionary gizmo begin at the beginning and let’s look at the companies Policies and Procedures. I hate to bother you with this fact but when you join a company these Policies and Procedures and Terms and Conditions are part of your legal contract with the company.
What is Expected of Me? This is where I start…what MUST I do for the company? I realize that my main job is to move product but what other “goodies” am I responsible for? This is what I am searching for. The reason I got into network marketing was to run my own business. How I run my business is up to me and I did not want to be involved with some ‘legalize’ crap-o-la that dictated what I was responsible for.
The following are actual statements from various policy statements. Do any of these sound familiar?
Notice the word ‘MUST’…it is not “suggested’, “a good idea” or anything else but it is a MUST. What happens if you violate this “Must” order?….You get terminated..simple as that. Here are some of the more popular ‘GOTCHAS”
1. …You MUST have ongoing contact, communication and management supervision with the independent marketers in your downline organization….WHAT????
2. …..You MUST perform a bona fide supervisory function….. and I thought I was to be an independent business person but now I am a supervisor as well…WHAT????
3. …..You will be CALLED UPON to share your experience with lesser experiences associates within the organization from time to time. Oh Joy…now they are forcing me to share my experiences…WHAT????
4. ….You are also RESPONSIBLE to Motivate and Train new Independent Marketers….If they are Independent (Key Word here, not employee) why am I responsible to train them?…WHAT???
5. ….Upon request from the home office you MUST provide documented evidence (Is this some sort of legal trial???) of your fulfillment of the responsibilities of a sponsor…WHAT????
There is always a moral…basically it is very simple. Before you join a company make sure you know all the facts. READ AND RE READ your Policies and Procedures. Ask yourself the following question.
“Does this contract protect me or the company?” “Is it clear which way it leans?”
Best Wishes to My Networking Friends
Tom Boyuka
607-343-9161 tom@tomboyuka.com

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Be Interested in Your Prospect


Tim Sales brings us some very interesting information on how to learn to speak with new prospects. In the beginning you should prepare yourself to speak with the new prospect by answering the following questions:
Q: What is the first thing you do before you talk with your prospect?
A: You have a conversation with yourself and say, “I’m interested in you.”
Q: When you have a mind set that you are interested in your prospect, what does that do for your discussion with them?
A: When you say to yourself, “I am interested in you,” it sets your conversation up correctly.
Q: What do you put in your mind all the time that you are talking with your prospect?
A. If you put in your mind, “I am interested in you,” the whole time you are talking to that person and you maintain that activity of being interested in your prospect, then you will never say the wrong thing.
Q: What is your focus on from the very beginning of the conversation?
A. If you are interested in what your prospect is about, if you are interested in what he does, if you are interested in what your prospect wants, what they need and what they don’t want, then that’s what you’re about, that’s what you are going to help them achieve, that’s what you are going to help them get.
Q: What are 5 reasons that would cause you to focus on yourself and not on your prospect?
A: …..the money you could make if they buy or sign up….if you’re saying the right thing or not…..if you’re dressed correctly….if your prospect can tell you’re new at it….if your prospect can tell if you’re making little or no money….if the prospect will object when you tell them the cost
Once you master the fact that your prospect comes first and that you must develop a strong relationship by finding out what the prospect wants, needs and desires you are on your way getting a new member of your team.
Best Wishes to my Network Marketing Friends,
Tom Boyuka 607-343-9161 Anytime

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Make It Easy for Your Prospect


One of my mentors Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter says that making a decision to join your network marketing company should be easy, if you make it easy.
It can be quite overwhelming for a new prospect to make
a decision based upon the company, the company founders,
the mission statement, the products, the complicated
compensation plan and your entire upline support strategy.

However, you can make your prospect’s decision much
easier by showing how it makes more sense to join your
company than not to join your company.

How could you do it?

Here are 5 easy-to-understand mini-statements
to show the prospect why he should join your company
1. There are two types of people in the world:

=> Business owners who are getting rich, and
=> People who make business owners rich.
Which group would you like to belong to?

2. There are two types of people in the world:

=> Those who make car payments, and
=> Those who don’t.
Which group would you like to belong to?

3. There are two types of people in the world:

=> Those who pay too much income tax, and
=> Those who don’t.
Which group would you like to belong to?

4. There are two types of people in the world:

=> Those who get a monthly bonus check in their
mailbox once a month, and
=> Those who don’t.
Which group would you like to belong to?

5. There are two types of people in the world:

=> Those who have lots of energy and enhanced health, and
=> Those who don’t.
Which group would you like to belong to?

6. There are two types of people in the world:
=> Those who make monthly mortgage payments, and
=> Those who don’t.
Which group would you like to belong to?

Get the idea?

Make it easier for prospects to join than not to join your

Best Wishes to my Network Marketing Friends,
Tom Boyuka 607-343-9161 Anytime

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The Answer is in the Question

Michael Oliver, the founder of Natural Selling brings us another insight on the value of asking the
right questions. Here is an excerpt from that piece.
“Would you like your shoes cleaned sir…?” I was suddenly asked out the blue while walking down a street in Seoul, Korea when I was there last.
My instant reaction was to say “No, thank you!”
Undeterred he looked down, pointed to my shoes, and asked in broken English in a half questioning, half stating kind of way, “You look good and feel better with clean shoes?”
That got me – looking good and feeling better! I looked down and saw what he meant. “OK” I said, not even thinking about asking the price. He guided me into a warm little hut on the sidewalk, where I was invited to sit down and take off my shoes.
He looked at each one carefully and then asked… “You like these shoes?”
“I do,” I said. And I do! They are comfortable, look good, and are light, which means not having to take another pair when traveling.
“Then you need repair them when you get home” he replied in broken English, while showing me the worn down heels. “Or, I can do for you for 20,000 Won including cleaning!?” he suggested using that once more inquisitive tone.
“Go ahead” I said, feeling intrigued and being drawn toward him with his line of questioning.
“You like walking on sidewalk without soles?” he asked again, with a slight grin… “Because soles are very thin…”, and he offered a shoe to me with his hand inside it to accentuate the thinness. (I had the feeling I was going to be lighter a few more thousand Won in a moment). “If you like, I do everything for 40,000 Won…” and looked at me without saying a word.
It took a nano-second to work out that though the price was a little more than I would pay back home, I didn’t have to go through the inconvenience of taking them to the shoe repair shop.
“Fine…” I replied, and spent the next 40 minutes watching a real craftsman concentrate on his work oblivious of the noise coming from the commercial activity on the street outside the hut…
Why did I pay more in an environment that was unfamiliar? Why didn’t I attempt to bargain especially as we were on a street renowned for its notoriously low prices?
Because by “asking of the right questions at the right time” (remember, one of the Principles in Natural Selling?)…
• He created value in himself and what he represented
• He involved me without telling me what I should do
• He showed respect by allowing me to come to my own natural conclusions
In doing so, he effectively removed any cost barrier.
Asking questions like this will do the same thing for you as well… Just try it and you will see how effective
this seemingly insignificant “questioning” technique really is.
Best Wishes to my Networking friends,
Tom Boyuka

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They Call it NetWORK Marketing for a REASON!!

They Call It NetWORK Marketing For A Reason

They call it NetWORK Marketing for a reason…and that is that you must do some WORK to be successful. It is not called NetFREE Marketing or NetDO-NOTHING Marketing for again a specific reason….and I REPEAT!!! You must do the WORK!, …do you finally get that? The work is NOT difficult (We will not be digging ditches with a shovel) but it is not necessarily an EASY business.

For those poor naïve souls that have been sold a bill of goods by unscrupulous marketers that all you need to do is purchase a system and like magic your computer becomes your own personal ATM machine I feel sorry for you. This is the same for those poor unguided souls who joined an MLM because they liked the product and never did their due diligence on examining the opportunity. See the Five Pillars below.

WAKE UP!! If making money on the internet was so EASY, then everyone would be doing it.

How to Get Started for Success in Network Marketing

Here are a few ideas that might help you:
1. Get an Education in Network Marketing BEFORE you join an opportunity. Make sure this education is given free of charge and without any strings attached. Many so called Gurus will offer you a ‘System for Success’ then slowly bleed you dry with various ‘upgrades’ designed to relieve you of your hard earned money with false promises for success.
2. Examine your own life and make sure that you truly have the ‘Stuff’ that is needed by answering these questions:
• There is an investment required of both time and money, are you prepared to do this? Do you have the money that is involved for start up costs, advertising, domains, office expenses and other common business outlays? Do you have the hours every day that you can devote to your business?
• Do you have good ‘WHYS’ that will help you through those times when things aren’t going quite the way you wish? As many people have said: “You need a strong reason to do it (work with your business), Then if WHAT you are doing doesn’t work, you’ll figure out some other way. But if you are at all wishy- washy, you’re a goner”
• Can you plan and manage your time so you will be persistent and consistent in your networking home business? If you have only 2-3 hours a day to devote to your business you must learn how to be highly effective with your time. You are an entrepreneur so you must be flexible with not only your planning but your personal life.
Do you truly understand that network marketing is a relationship building businessman you must develop skills to learn how to build relationships. Are you willing to learn relationship building skills so you become more effective when working with new prospects?

I hope some of this information will help you if you indeed are looking for ways to supplement or replace your present income. In later blogs I will examine other items to consider for your success.

Remember the best advice of all: Give Value in whatever you are doing. Help others become successful and you will become successful.

Best Wishes to my Networking Friends,

Tom Boyuka

Mobile: 607-343-9161

E Mail: tom@tomboyuka.com

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